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From: Administrator / 15-10-2010 14:26:27
Please, apply, to the music publisher le Chant du Monde.

From: Frederick Umar / e-mail / 15-10-2010 05:38:10
I am trying to find a copy of the score for Symphony No. 6. Would you know where I can find one. Thank you.

From: Igor / 19-09-2010 13:47:11
Не надо ставить имя Шебалина в один ряд с Кабалевским и Хренниковым!!! Виссарион Яковлевич - выдающийся композитор, создавший в разных жанрах немало шедевров. Он - достойный продолжатель дела Мясковского как выдающийся педагог. Наконец, Шебалин - человек, спасший Московскую Консерваторию в годы войны, поднявший ее. Именно Шебалин пригласил туда преподавать Шостаковича, а во время событий 1948-года первый подвергся нападкам и гонениям (которые сократили его жизнь).

From: tomas klin / 08-07-2010 15:49:58
Daragoy Alex, Myaskovsky nikagda schol na ustupki sa stalinskym reschimom! Naabarot! On ljubil etu sozialistitscheskuju sistemu, patamu schto on snal, schto ana lutsche i sprawedliwey rannekapitalistitscheskoy sistemy do 1917-wo goda!! K saschalenju on ni smog predwidit towo, schto predwudeli, naprimer Schostakowitsch i Stalin. Stalin i Schostakowitsch totschna predwideli, schto sozialist. sistemy partinnye byorokraty predadut kapitalistam!!!

From: Thomas Klin / 06-07-2010 00:15:02
Lieber Alex! Mjaskowskij hat niemals Zugestaendnisse an das Stalinsche System gemacht. Ganz einfach, weil er es nicht noetig hatte. Er liebte das sozialist. System unter Stalin und er fand es allemal besser und gerechter, als das fruehkapitalistische bis 1917, welches er selber noch miterleben musste. Im Gegensatz zu Schostakowitsch und Stalin hat er aber nicht vorhersehen koennen, dass die Parteibuero- kraten dieses sozialist. System an die Kapitalisten verraten werden!

From: alex / 02-06-2010 17:44:32
Николай Мясковский - Великий Русский Композитор автор гениальных симфоний № 2,3,5,6,9,21,25,26,27 Иногда он шел на уступки перед сталинским режимом и в этом лежит причина его забвения . Но он никогда не был конформистом в отличии от песенника, претендовавшего на симфонизм Т .Хренникова. И место Мясковского рядом с Чайковским, Прокофьевым и Шостаковичем, а не с Хренниковым, Шебалиным и Кабалевским.

From: Joop ten Anker (NL) / 22-05-2010 19:32:49
Look what I\\\'ve got. Yesterday Mr. Postman delivered two brand new cd\\\'s for review in one of our music magazines.
The Renoir Quartet: Myaskovsky String Quartets No. 1 and 13 (label AR-RE-SE 2010-1) and the famous Borodin Quartet: Borodin String Quartet No. 1, Stravinsky Concertino for String Quartet, Myaskovsky String Quartet No. 13 (label Onyx 4051).
All original members of the Borodin Quartet are gone now, since Valentin Berlinsky died in 2008, but there successors are still holding the flame with honour. I heard them (including with mr. Berlinsky) play Myaskovsky\\\'s No. 13 in the Concertgebouw some 5 (?) years ago, which was a great experience for the many Myaskovsky fans present. This recording reflects that wonderful perfomance very well.
And I admire the Renoir Quartet, young musicians from Paris, for choosing our favourite composer for their fine performance.

From: Clarence Tan / e-mail / 18-05-2010 05:52:00
Hi, I'm looking to perform Myaskovsky's Symphony 19 for wind orchestra. Unfortunately I could not get the publisher online. Would you please advise where I can get the scores and parts from? Best regards, Clarence Tan Music Director AudioImage Wind Ensemble

From: Thomas Gochenour / 15-05-2010 15:44:41
For Kenneth Lau, You can get the complete recordings of the strings of Myaskovsky recorded by the Tanyaev Quartet on the Northern Flowers label. This is a St. Petersburg outfit and they distribute within Russia. But you can find the same recordings re-released in the West through Amazaon. Unfortunately they are not available in a complete boxed set. The originals were on 5 CDs.

From: Kenneth Lau / e-mail / 12-05-2010 21:07:06
I'm from Hong Kong. I love Myaskovsky's music especially slow movements! The first piece which caught my attention was his Cello Sonata No. 2! Then, I kept finding recordings of his music, but it's not an easy job! Lately, I enjoy his String Qurtet No. 13! I hope there will be complete box set of his String Qurtets!!

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