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From: alex / 20-04-2011 21:44:42
Сегодня у Николая Яковлевича юбилей. Н.Мясковский - 130 лет.Дорогой Николай Яковлевич, хоть вы уже и не слышите этих слов.Мы , в лице ваших немногочисленных поклонников сделаем всё чтобы возродить из небытия ваше имя и вашу прекрасную музыку. Спи спокойно,любимый композитор.

From: Administrator / 20-04-2011 13:21:12
Today is 130th anniversary of Nikolay Yakovlevich. We will celebrate with his music. We wish all the best to his fans all over the world.

From: Wim / url / 04-03-2011 21:35:29
You might like to check out the website of pianist Mikhail Voskresensky. His 1958 Opus № 29 "Reminiscences", six pieces for piano, recording can be listened on his website at www.mikhailvoskresensky.com, do check out the audio/video section.

From: Administrator / 15-02-2011 20:09:07
According to our knowledge, the first performance of the Cello sonata, opus 12, was on March 03, 1913 in Moscow in the concert of the "Society of chamber music" . It was played by Boleslav Yavorsky (1877-1942), piano, and Mikail Bukinik (1872-1947), cello.
We would like also to draw your attention to the fact that the first name of Mrs. Koposova-Derzhanovskaya was Ekaterina, and not Elena.

From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 06-02-2011 22:22:31
In response to the question about Myaskovsky's First Cello Sonata, the premiere was given by Pavel Lamm and Yevsey Belousov at the Maly Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire on 23 January, or 5 February New Style 1914. The concert also included the premiere of Prokofyev's Ballade for Cello played by the composer and Belousov. Myaskovsky songs were also performed that evening from the Gippius cycle, opus 3 by Elena Koposova.

From: Benny / 24-01-2011 23:16:09
Видео » Документальное кино » НЯМА (Николай Мясковский) http://video.mail.ru/mail/bdvorkin/2/87.html

From: Анна / e-mail / 10-01-2011 17:02:59
Выложите пожайлуста Двухголосную фугу Мясковского. Не могу найти! Соч.78,№3

From: William Jones / e-mail / 07-01-2011 21:52:58
RE: MYASKOVSKY CELLO SONATA Op 12 FIRST PERFORMANCE Are you able to tell me if my piano teacher, ALEXANDER BOROVSKY (1889-1968) and Evsei Belousoff played the first performance of this work? I am writing Borovsky's biography. Do you know the place and date of performance? Thank you.

From: Raymond Cox / e-mail / 20-12-2010 11:32:10
A Myaskovsky society is a great idea and would be very worthwhile. Regarding performances this would take time, given the restraints of 'box office' and a relatively unknown and unheard composer (in the UK anyway). But can anybody in London (for example) persuade Vladimir Jurowski and the LPO to follow up their performance of Symphony No 6 last Spring with others in the future?

From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 15-12-2010 18:24:06
I would like to mention that my biography on Myaskovsky will be published next year, and that it will include a full list of his works published and unpublished together with an up to date discography. The book is currently being edited and should prove of interest to many of those who have looked at this site over the last few years. I have dealt with the composer's life and work in close detail, and have endeavored to examine what made him write in the style and manner of his music that he did, his psychological background and his spiritual life. Also I would like to propose an idea of establishing a Myaskovsky Society. The main idea of this would be to help promote his music, to get his music, songs, sonatas and symphonies performed more widely. What do people think of this idea?

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