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From: / e-mail / 21-09-2004 19:36:55
>How is Petersburg at present? Petersburg at present is better than the most of Russia :-) Especially St.Petersburg Philharmonia named after Shostakovich, St. Petersburg Kapella etc. Some months ago the Myaskovsky's 27th symphony has been performed (under the direction of Alexander Tchernushenko)...
Please arrive to our city! :-)
> You have very good English Not so. :-(

From: Adrian Barr / e-mail / 21-09-2004 13:42:39
Georgi, Thank you for the recomendation - I will hunt it down. I'll also have a look at those web pages. Again, thanks for the help. How is Petersburg at present? You have very good English. Regards, Adrian Barr

From: Georgi, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) / e-mail / 17-09-2004 16:56:10
Dear Mr. Barr! I really share your admiration of Myaskovsky's Cello Concerto (I have the record with Nathalie Gutman and Svetlanov as a conductor). It is one of the most beautiful pieces of 20th century music.
If you prefer melodious music for the most part I could recommend you Sinfoniettas for String Orchestra in B minor (http://www.myaskovsky.ru/?id=4&id1=0&id2=39&sf=0&so=0) and A minor (http://www.myaskovsky.ru/?id=4&id1=0&id2=79&sf=0&so=0).
Its really wonderful how the composer limited by string instruments and remaining within the bounds of traditional harmony has created so vivid music, due to his superb technique.
At the site Russian academic music (http://rus-aca-music.narod.ru/Myask_noty.htm) you could get the scores of 10th and 13th Myaskovskys symphonies, Madrigal, suite of for voice and piano, and all the Myaskovsky piano sonatas.

From: Adrian Barr / e-mail / 17-09-2004 14:27:12
I wonder if the site administrator could provide a list of say, the half-dozen or so indispensible Miaskovsky pieces from the repitoire. I would be interested to hear.
Spasibo za pomoch,
Adrian Barr

From: / e-mail / 16-09-2004 15:11:23
Dear Mr. Hannes! I have the scanned version of 'Soviet composers' dictionary (printed in Moscow, 1957). There is an article about Vissarion Shebalin in that dictionary, and the list of his works at the end of the article (with the years of creation). I don't think it's absolutely full, but it should contain all the big works at least... You could communicate with me through my e-mail if you want.

From: Adrian Barr / e-mail / 16-09-2004 14:50:12
The more Miaskovsky I listen to, the further I fall in love. Just bought the Pletnev/Maisky recording of the cello concerto and it's superb. Nice to see a good Russian presence on the site. I teach art history/philosophy by trade, and specialise in Russian art. Have spent a lot of time in Moscow, on scholarships and visits, and in all my time of concert-going there, I never heard a Miaskovsky piece performed. Is he also almost unknown in Russia?? The Russians I know have 'heard of him', but that's all...

Unfortunately, you are right. Myaskovsky is very rare in Russia. However last year there were some concerts: N.Gutman played the second cello sonata in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Borodin Quartet performed the String Quartet N 13, G.Rozhdestvensky with Polyansky orchestra performed "Kremlin at night", M.Lidsky played piano sonatas.
We hope that this site will be a contribution to the memory of N.Myaskovsky and will help to remind people of this greatly underestimated composer.

From: Hannes, Germany / 15-09-2004 16:03:27
Wonderful web-site! Have You information about one Mjaskovsky's student - Schebalin? I need full catalog of his works. I have not e-mail at present. Can you help me? Thank You

We would be happy to help you, but we need at least some address to communicate with you.

From: Richard / 09-09-2004 21:46:48
A wonderful composer, vastly underrated & underheard (at least in the United States).

From: Matt Peebles / e-mail / 07-09-2004 02:44:04
Hi. I'm trying to find the sheet music for Myaskovsky's Quartets No.7 and 8. I have been researching all summer, and I can't find any current publishers...Any help would be appreciated...please email me. Thanks.

From: Administrator / 14-08-2004 11:51:16
We appreciate greatly all comments you post on our site.
Unfortunately we don't have the resources to translate all the posts from the Guest Book. We try, however, to update other sections of the site (excluding Articles) both in Russian and English.
If anybody has any information on the events, concerts, recordings, etc. related to
N. Myaskovsky's music, please let us know.
All the best.

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