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From: Gregor / e-mail / 29-01-2005 18:39:21
Further to my previous email on this site, I am enclosing an excerpt from my biography Yevgeny Mravinsky: The Noble Conductor which will be published by Scarecrow Press later this year.
' Notable premieres during this period (early 1950s) were the Twenty-Seventh Symphony by the late Nikolay Myaskovsky and of Prokofiev’s oratorio On Guard of Peace. The symphony was one of Myaskovsky’s finest in a long symphonic line and unfortunately, the composer did not live to hear it. Myaskovsky died from cancer, never having recovered from the censure of 1948. Nikolay Myaskovsky was of the pre-revolutionary intelligentsia which epitomised the finest in Russian art and European culture and his music never found a spiritual home in Soviet society; reflecting the nostalgia for the former Tsarist, sad yet heroic past. Myaskovsky’s canon caught a tragic theme so typical of the loss of many values and which the composer could never relinquish. If he chose titles for his symphonies dedicated ostensibly to the air force and collective farms, the subject matter was far away; an austere, nostalgic melancholia predominant, reminiscent of Tchaikovsky’s late work.
Asaf’yev portrayed his compositions as ‘wholly grey, as if painted under a muddy and funereal cloudy sky transfigured to the dark of a moonless black night.’ Myaskovsky was a crucially fundamental figure in Russian music; who had sustained the symphonic medium, forming a bridge between Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich’s symphonies. '
For me Asafyev's words most accurately describe Myaskovsky's symphonies.
Gregor Tassie

From: Georgi / e-mail / 19-01-2005 12:52:36
To Gregor Tassie [In my book on Mravinsky, I found much interesting material from notable musicologists such as Asafyev, I would like to share this with anyone similarly interested.] ... Yes, that is very interesting. Especially since Asafyev was a friend of Myaskovsky for many years. Maybe, very soon the Ikonnikov's book about Myaskovsky will be placed at the site http://www.rus-aca-music.narod.ru

From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 16-01-2005 19:35:31
I was very interested to come across your website. I have been a fan of Myaskovsky's symphonies for many years and in the lack of performances of his works in concert have sought his recordings . I have most of the symphonies yet am concerned that the Olympia complete set has not been issued, few companies appear interested in his music. Does anyone know where one can get the Svetlanov recordings on Russian Disc? In my book on Mravinsky, I found much interesting material from notable musicologists such as Asafyev, I would like to share this with anyone similarly interested.I hope that enthusiasts of this wonderful composer can exchange info on where records can be accessed.
Best wishes
Gregor Tassie

From: Георгий / e-mail / 14-01-2005 10:42:31
Я покупал запись 26-й симфонии в музыкальном салоне при Большом зале Филармонии.

(Администратор: в Санкт Петербурге)

From: kulav / e-mail / 09-01-2005 21:38:16
Куплю запись симфонии №26 Мясковского

From: David A. Hollingsworth / e-mail / 01-01-2005 12:04:40
Dear Administrator:
Thank you very much for the website. It has been quite a revelation. I wonder if I could ask you something. About a year ago, I've had correspondences with Mr. Pers Skans, who's writing a biography of Weinberg (Vainberg). I've expressed my interest in writing a biography about Myaskovsky, but finding sources proved difficult (the languages used are either Russian or German). I'm still interested in doing the biography (the best I could do for now is write reviews of his music on Amazon). Do you know: 1) any reliable sources (like your excellent site) that I could use and 2) any transliterator(s) who can transliterate literature written about him. I thank you for any input you may have on my dilemma.
After listening to his music, and I have nearing all recordings of his works, I agree with many that he is grossly under-rated, especially in Russia (very much like Glazunov, another great composer, a Boris Pasternak in his day).
Thank you and take care,

From: ADMINISTRATOR / 24-12-2004 19:57:20
Дорогие друзья!
Мы поздравляем всех посетителей нашего сайта с Новым Годом. Желаем всем хороших музыкальных впечатлений и просто всего хорошего в Новом Году.
Мы будем продолжать работать над развитием сайта и надеемся, что и с вашей помощью.
Всего наилучшего!

Dear friends,
We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We will be happy to see you all on our site next year and will appreciate information, opinions, questions, etc.
All the best!

From: Георгий / e-mail / 16-12-2004 15:37:08
Гольденвейзеру очень нравилась 25-я симфония (Des-dur). "Музыка течет, как сама жизнь" - так он сказал о первой части. P.S. Тут я приобрел книгу - "Переписка Прокофьева с Мясковским", раскрывающую всю непринужденность общения двух выдающихся современников (в основном письма относятся к дореволюционному времени). Обращения, например, такие - "НЯМочка" (это Николай Яковлевич Мясковский). Со стороны Н. Я. самым оригинальным было обращение ... "Прохоров" - так однажды была напечатана фамилия Прокофьева на оркестровых партиях %-))

From: Albert de Visser, The Netherlands / e-mail / 04-12-2004 00:39:27
Congratulations on this wonderful website regarding a wonderful and highly underestimated composer. Especially several photographs I hadn't seen before grabbed my attention.
In Holland a few years ago we had a kind of revival of Myaskovsky, with Svetlanov promising to conduct several symphonies (although eventually he only conducted the 25th), Olympia starting (but never completing) to issue the complete symphonic work on cd, and last but not least a very lively discussion of his admirers on the website of Luister (the Dutch classical music magazine). Unfortunately, lately attention has diminished again.
What would Mariss Jansons conducting the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra make of e.g. the 24th? Keep up the good work!

From: Игорь Прохоров / e-mail / url / 21-11-2004 13:28:43
Обращаю внимание московских любителей музыки Н.Я. на концерт 27-го ноября в БЗК, где будет исполняться Виолончельный Концерт (солист - Александр Рудин). Интересно, что дирижировать будет Андрей Головин - известный московский композитор, "внук" Н.Я. по композиторской линии (А.Головин учился у Е.Голубева). В записи А.Рудин/А.Головин Концерт был издан в мае этого года британской фирмой Cello Classics (вместе с виолончельыми сонатами).

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