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From: Алексей / e-mail / url / 03-03-2005 19:20:38
Поздравляю всех с началом весны!

From: Jeffrey Downes / e-mail / 03-03-2005 00:32:25
My thanks go to those who created this site in memory of a great man, let alone a composer also.
Such men seem not to exist in todays life and in that I find a great loss to us all.
I have searched the many places for his music yet find that amazingly only a few companys have consisered him worthy of Publication.... An Amazing Situation
Thank you for this truly great site.
Jeffrey Downes

From: Администратор / 28-02-2005 17:23:06
Обращаем внимание московских любителей музыки Мясковского на концерт 3 марта 2005 в ММДМ, где будет исполняться Виолончельный Концерт и 6 Симфония (с хором!)

From: Georgi - to Caroline Spandau / e-mail / icq / 25-02-2005 16:38:41
I want to begin scanning of the book contaning these letter published in the USSR. They will be placed here: http://rus-aca-music.narod.ru/analit

From: Caroline Spandau / e-mail / 24-02-2005 17:16:27
Dear Administrator, I would like to write my thesis about the "Perepiska" between Prokofjew and Mjaskowsky, do you know where the originals of all these letters are? Is there a central music archiv in Moscow where they are probably collected? Thank you for a response, it would be very helpful to me!
Administrator: These letters should be in the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art http://rusarchives.ru/federal/rgali/index.shtml and may be in Glinka Museum http://www.museum.ru/glinka/. You may also contact wmaster@sprkfv.net for questions.

From: Сергей / 22-02-2005 23:18:27
Совершенно случайно набрел на ваш сайт, для меня это самый приятный сюрприз, какой только можно было ожидать. То, что этот сайт есть - большая радость, тем более, что все сделано очень хорошо. Желаю успехов и процветания!

From: Алексей Чернов / e-mail / url / 20-02-2005 12:40:02
Добавил оставшиеся главы (7-ю и 8-ю) + иллюстрации к книге Иконникова.

From: Георгий / e-mail / icq / 17-02-2005 22:05:04
Вниманию всех посетителей данного сайта!
По адресу http://rus-aca-music.narod.ru/analit/ikonnikov.htm выложена книга А. А. Иконникова "Художник наших дней Н. Я. Мясковский" (2-е издание, вышедшее в 1982 г.). К сожалению, почему-то выложены не все файлы - может, просто не все дошли до сайта. Буду рад выслушать замечания по допущенным опечаткам при сканировании и вычитывании, а также по написанной мною аннотации.

About the first performance of the 27th Symphony of Myaskovsky - the conductor was Alexander Gauk.

From: joop ten anker / 06-02-2005 21:25:50
Thank you for sharing Asafyev's words with us. By the way, I always thought the premiere of Myaskovsky's 27th was conducted by Alexander Gauk rather than Mravinsky. Am I right?

From: Gregor / e-mail / 29-01-2005 18:39:21
Further to my previous email on this site, I am enclosing an excerpt from my biography Yevgeny Mravinsky: The Noble Conductor which will be published by Scarecrow Press later this year.
' Notable premieres during this period (early 1950s) were the Twenty-Seventh Symphony by the late Nikolay Myaskovsky and of Prokofiev’s oratorio On Guard of Peace. The symphony was one of Myaskovsky’s finest in a long symphonic line and unfortunately, the composer did not live to hear it. Myaskovsky died from cancer, never having recovered from the censure of 1948. Nikolay Myaskovsky was of the pre-revolutionary intelligentsia which epitomised the finest in Russian art and European culture and his music never found a spiritual home in Soviet society; reflecting the nostalgia for the former Tsarist, sad yet heroic past. Myaskovsky’s canon caught a tragic theme so typical of the loss of many values and which the composer could never relinquish. If he chose titles for his symphonies dedicated ostensibly to the air force and collective farms, the subject matter was far away; an austere, nostalgic melancholia predominant, reminiscent of Tchaikovsky’s late work.
Asaf’yev portrayed his compositions as ‘wholly grey, as if painted under a muddy and funereal cloudy sky transfigured to the dark of a moonless black night.’ Myaskovsky was a crucially fundamental figure in Russian music; who had sustained the symphonic medium, forming a bridge between Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich’s symphonies. '
For me Asafyev's words most accurately describe Myaskovsky's symphonies.
Gregor Tassie

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