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From: Георгий / e-mail / 29-04-2005 11:31:49
Присоединяюсь к поздравлениям!

From: Administrator / 20-04-2005 17:44:37
Сегодня, 20 апреля, день рождения Н.Я. Мясковского.
Поздравляем всех поклонников его творчества и посетителей нашего сайта.

Today , April 20, is N. Myaskovsky's birthday.
We greet all friends of his music and visitors of our site.

From: Михаил Сегельман / e-mail / 20-04-2005 14:51:04
Сегодня, в среду, 20 апреля, исполнилось 124 года со дня рождения Н.Я. Мясковского

From: илья / e-mail / 19-04-2005 17:14:43
хорошо что есть такой сайт, а не то я бы пропал

From: ДЕЈАН МИЛАДИНОВИЋ / e-mail / url / 01-04-2005 14:56:49
Сјајна идеја да се Николају Мјасковском, једном од највећих руских комопзитора 20-тог века, посвети интернет простор. Он заслужује много, много више. Са великим задовољством и уживањем слушам, управо док вам ово пишем, његову Симфонију бр. 26.
Шта би могло да се учини на значајнијој промоцији његових композиција?
С поштовањем
Дејан Миладиновић

From: Георгий / e-mail / icq / 28-03-2005 19:56:54
Начал сканировать книгу "Мясковский и Прокофьев. Переписка". Когда закончу - не знаю, надеюсь, что скоро. Жаль, что ряд страниц в комментариях - непропечатанные. %-( Может, еще у кого экземпляр есть - не бракованный?

From: Ульяна (Ставрополь) / 26-03-2005 17:24:22
Спасибо создателям сайта!
Если можно, небольшое замечание: не кажется ли вам, что таких близких людей, как Шебалин, Прокофьев, Сараджев, недостаточно представлять на сайте краткими биографическими статьями? Есть ли возможность публиковать письма, критические статьи, совместные фоторгафии, воспоминания?
Ульяна Танаева

Администратор. Вы абсолитно правы. Мы готовим материалы и постараемся это сделать по возможности.

From: Георгий / e-mail / icq / 25-03-2005 12:36:36
Your site staes a common error, claiming Gliere to be of Belgian origin. His family is, in fact, the Glier family who have produced instruments in S.E. Germany for hundreds of years

- В общем, так оно и написано в книге про Глиэра, вышедшей в серии "Русские и советские композиторы"...

From: Paul Kreft / e-mail / 24-03-2005 23:15:43
Your site staes a common error, claiming Gliere to be of Belgian origin. His family is, in fact, the Glier family who have produced instruments in S.E. Germany for hundreds of years.
http://www.usue.ru/general_/professors/?id=11 this is his great grandson, Kirill Igorevich Novosselsky, who can provide more information in Russian.
Thank you for an informative site.
Paul Kreft,
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Thank you for the correction. For the time being I just brought the text in correspondence with what we have on the page on Gliere in Russian, that is "his ancestors were from Central and Eastern Europe". I will fix it later after I have more time to go through this very interesting family site.

From: Julian Chater / 20-03-2005 01:54:31
This is an exceptionally well put together site: the comprehensive listing of CDs is especially meritorious. This composer deserves more attention. In order to get this attention, two things need to happen:

1. A complete edition of ALL his works (including some earlier works which I cannot see on this site). The scores are virtually unobtainable in the U.K. (from my experience).

2. The release of superior quality recordings to those currently available. The recent Orfeo 2nd and 10th symphonies, and the DG 6th symphony, are a couple of good indicators of where we should go. If, for example, Chandos - whose production is consistently excellent - could release a few more sympathetic recordings, that would be ideal.

Miaskovsky deserves more attention than he gets, but he gets little, partially because he is misrepresented as a "Romantic" composer a century behind his time. He was not. He was romantic in one sense - the soulfulness of his music - but he was very much in keeping with the SENTIMENTS of his time, which included traditional folksong and, generally, the weight of the Russian musical tradition, in which he was better grounded than any of his peers. That is why he was a popular composer with the people - because his yearnings, in the difficult times of Soviet Russia, matched theirs.

However, his music was also inspired by his teachers, his friends and pupils, the experiences of the twentieth century, including attempts to censor his music, and his fears, doubts and pessimism, which, together with his intense academic interests, especially with regard to counterpoint and form, are unique and wholly idiosyncratic.

More sympathetic recordings and performances, which reflect these above criteria, will show him in a more favourable, modern light. Miaskovsky benefits from a tightly disciplined, rhythmically solid, sharply defined conductor and orchestra, who can pull off the frequent tempo changes with panache; rather than loose performers with obtuse, von Karajan style rubato and murky instrumentation, and a pseudo-romantic obsession with melody. This is also why better production qualities are required.

These would be more in keeping with Miaskovsy's own academic interests - form, definition and counterpoint - and better suit his music. He could then be recognised for what he is - one of the great symphonists of the twentieth century.

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