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From: Administrator / 04-10-2005 14:00:57
We would like to pay your attention to our note regarding this disc

From: Jeffrey davis / e-mail / 04-10-2005 13:18:19
Here is the link to the Gauk recording I mentioned. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002OHRE6/qid=1128417418/sr=8-6/ref=pd_bbs_6/002-1701013-6534442?v=glance&s=music&n=507846

From: Malcolm Thomson / e-mail / 03-10-2005 22:31:58
I looked up the Amazon site as suggested by Jeffrey Davis and could only find an entry for the 17th Symphony, conducted by Svetlanov and this recording was listed as "presently unavailable." The probability that such a recording becomes "available" is in my opinion decidedly unlikely in the near future and I rather suspect that if the public is ever going to be able to enjoy this beautiful composition it will not be until a completely new recording is made. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in that I at least have a taped cassette of the 17th, quite possibly one of the extremely few existing recordings of any format in the U.S.A. Malcolm J. Thomson.

From: Jeffrey davis / e-mail / 03-10-2005 20:28:27
Interesting development!
The American Amazon site (www.Amazon.com) are now listing a CD of Myaskovsky Symphony 17 and 18 conducted by Alexander Gauk. A very welcome return to the catalogue for a classic recording.

From: Joop ten Anker / 03-10-2005 10:01:48
Svetlanov's Melodiya rendering of symphony #17 appeared in the complete Russian Disc series as well, but that will be very hard to find, I/m afraid.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 02-10-2005 23:22:17
Re: my message below, Myaskovsky Symphony 17 was available on Melodiya CD SUCD 10-00472. It was recorded and issued in 1991 (State Symphony Orchestra, Evgeni Svetlanov). It never appeared in the Olympia series.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 01-10-2005 16:07:02
In answer to Mr Thomson's question: Miaskovsky Symphony 17 has been available on CD on the Melodiya label. I found a copy on the Amazon (USA) sight. It is worth looking out for.
I agree that it is one of Miaskovsk'y finest symphonies and should be much better known. I live in the UK and am really sorry that Olympia were not able to complete their fine Miaskovsky series. I had collected all the issues. I would love to hear Svetlanov's version of No 21 (although I do have good versiions by Ivanov, Ormandy and Measham). Years ago I took an LP out of my local record library which featured Symphony 23, a folk orientated and very engaging work (I can still remember the slow movement years later). I wish it was available on CD.
At least Miaskovsky is becoming better known with DGG issuing the epic Sixth Symphony and the beautiful, valedictory No 27 available on Chandos.
I was really pleased to discover this site. Thank you.

From: Георгий / e-mail / 22-09-2005 11:05:43
2 pavel antoshkin: Насчет симфоний - куда выслать? А мне нужны записи фп. сонат.

From: Ken Williams / e-mail / 20-09-2005 19:54:54
Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the sheet music for the Myaskovsky Cello Sonata #1? The Sonata #2 is readily available, but I cannot locate the #1. Thank you Любое знает где я мог найти экземпляр нот для Sonata #1 для cello и рояля?

From: pavel antoshkin / e-mail / 16-09-2005 18:02:42
Мда... не ожидал. Я то думал, Николай Яковлевич совсем уж запрещён всемогущим божеством по имени Рейтинг. Было в прошлой жизни дело - и порыв энтузиазма и вдохновения в Малом зале, и афиша сольника в Гнесинке целиком из Его произведений, проходя мимо которой гнесинские профессора сердобольно крутили пальцем у виска. В самые ответственные минуты жизни иногда приходил на его могилу посидеть-отдохнуть-сосредоточиться. Несмотря на то, что всё это было в прошлой жизни, и теперь я риэлтор, этот невечерний свет его музыки и его жизни-подвига всегда сопровождает меня. Огромная радость, что этот сайт родился и посещаем, что здесь бывают люди высокой породы, хранящие этот свет. С превеликим удовольствием принесу практическую пользу силами нескольких имеющихся у меня раритетов, таких, как издания первых редакций третьей и четвёртой фортепианных сонат, или какими редкими записями. В свою очередь искренне оценю предложения ознакомиться с записями четырёх не слышанных мною симфоний Мастера - 13-й, 14-й, 20-й и 26-й. Боритесь, господа.

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