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From: Joop (NL) / 11-03-2006 23:54:40
See you then at April the 28th as well, Albert? Twice in two months: Amsterdam is Myaskovsky City!

From: Blumenfeld / e-mail / 11-03-2006 18:29:43
My mistake, Joop, it is the Audiophile Classics CD consisting of both a Mravinsky version of Shostakovich's fifth symphony and a Kondrashin version of Myaskovsky's fifteenth symphony. Also, please note that the list, below, pertains to Myaskovsky symphonies currently on the market rather than to his entire discography. As for the Olympia series of Myaskovsky's orchestral works I also look forward to its re-edition because I have yet to hear 4,13,14,16,18,23,26. Only time will tell if music record companies such as Chandos will embark on this project.

From: Julian Chater / 10-03-2006 16:55:28
It is my understanding that the Olympia recordings will find a new label in due course - quite posisbly being remastered in the process. I have heard this 'on the grapevine'. I need to check the reliability of my source. However, there may be no need to lament.

From: Ильин Станислав / e-mail / 10-03-2006 14:09:02
Предлагаю добавить в "События" Мясковский: Концерт для виолончели с оркестром. Прокофьев: Симфония N5. Симфонический оркестр Московской консерватории. Дирижер Анатолий Левин. Солист Александр Бузлов (виолончель) В рамках фестиваля Николай Яковлевич Мясковский (1881-1950) Большой зал Консерватории 19.00

From: Георгий / e-mail / 10-03-2006 12:17:01
Вопрос к знатокам: имеется ли в Модлине (Новогеоргиевске) хоть какой-то знак памяти Николая Яковлевича?

From: Георгий / e-mail / icq / 10-03-2006 11:58:46
Хочу сообщить, что мною на ближайшее время намечено сканирование книги И. Кунина "Н. Я. Мясковский" (1981). Ряд фотографий в этой книге плохого качества (с типографскими пятнами), поэтому я, наверное, не буду их включать в конечный файл. Впрочем, они не являются уникальными, я видел их в других источниках.

From: Albert / 09-03-2006 20:41:36
For the events list: Vadim Repin will be playing the violin concerto in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw the 26th, 27th and 28th of April. Some tickets available for the 28th.

From: Евгений Киселев / e-mail / 09-03-2006 17:07:53
А можно получить по эл. почте песни полярников, или может Вы выложите их на сайт? Заранее благодарен

From: Joop (NL) / 09-03-2006 01:28:55
Blumenfeld, from here (the Netherlands) I can't judge what you are overlooking, since I don't know what 's availible in the States, but I have almost all recordings you mention - and many more. The one exception is the Mravinsky-version of symphony #15. I own the recordings by Kondrashin and Svetlanov, but missed the Mravinsky. On what label was it released and - more importantly - where can I get it?

From: blumenfeld / e-mail / 07-03-2006 18:36:11
Myaskovsky in online music stores today. After consulting the inventory of numerous online music stores from Moscow to California, as of this date, it is safe to state that the entire Svetlanov collection on the now defunct Olympia label is no longer available (unless one manages to find the occasional used CD). What's on the market, with respect to the Myaskovsky symphonies, can be catalogued either as accessible, rare and very rare. I offer the list, below, not on any scientific basis but on the basis of quite a bit of window shopping. Please feel free to amend it in any way you see fit. no.1: Rozhdestvensky -- accessible no.2: Rabl -- accessible; Rozhdestvensky -- rare no.3: Svetlanov on Zyx-Melodya -- rare no.4: not available no.5: Ivanov (lp) -- very rare; Downes -- rare; Rozhdestvensky -- accessible no.6: Kondrashin -- accessible; Jarvi -- accessible no.7: Halasz -- rare no.8: Stankovsky -- rare no.9: Downes -- rare no.10: Rabl -- accessible; Halasz -- rare no.11: Dudarova -- rare no.12: Stankovsky -- accessible no.13: not available no.14: not available no.15: Mravinsky -- rare no.16: not available no.17: Gauk -- accessible no.18: not available (contrary to mislabeling on Gauk CD, above) no.19: Mikailov -- rare; ??? on Gauk CD, above) no.20: not available no.21: Nikolayev -- accessible; Ormandy -- accessible no.22: Svetlanov on Russian Revelation -- rare no.23: not available no.24 Yablonsky -- accessible no.25: Yablonsky -- accessible no.26: not available no.27: Polyansky -- accessible I am overlooking any available Myaskovsky symphony?

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