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From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 17-03-2006 20:30:51
I think that the greatest gaps in the current CD catalogue are Symphony 16 and No 23. 16 has a wonderful funereal slow movement, classic Miaskovsky. Apparently it relates to an Air Force tragedy. Does anyone know what it is? No 23 I remember from an old Melodiya/EMI LP with the equally fine Schechedrin Symphony 1; a great LP. Shebalin's Symphony 1 and 5 (separate Olympia CD's) are both in the spirit of Miaskovsky and worth looking out for (as is Kabalevsk's Symphony 1 on ASV or Olympia).

From: Георгий / e-mail / 15-03-2006 12:52:00
Закончено сканирование книги И. Ф. Кунина "Мясковский" (за исключением фотографий). Скоро, надеюсь, она будет выложена на сайте "Рус. академ. музыка". Желающим эта книга может быть выслана по e-mail. Среди фотографий в ней уникальных нет.

From: Blumenfeld / e-mail / 14-03-2006 19:44:33
Joop: I totally agree with you. My profession is not music and I have not the ability, like a musicologist, to micro-analyze a symphony or a string quartet. (Among some musicologists it's more like performing an autopsy, in search of some constitutional or interpretive flaw!). But I do rely on my long-term instincts, so to speak, and Myaskovsky is the composer I am drawn to after some thirty-five years of listening to classical music. Interestingly, I began with French classical music (Saint-Saens, Debussy, Ravel, Roussel, Poulenc, Milhaud) along with Swiss composers Honegger and Martin, and others from western continental Europe, some of the very composers monsieur Huss frequently reviews and praises. But, for some musicologically unknown reason, the last ten years have led me to the music of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, and East Europeans in general.
You are indeed fortunate to have two Myaskovsky concerts in Amsterdam. And I can assure you that, somewhere in a New England living room today, the Taneyev Quartet will be performing its magical rendition of some of Myaskovsky's World War II music.:>)

From: Administrator / 14-03-2006 19:10:40
to Joop: it will be Vadim Repin with violin concerto

From: Joop (NL) / 14-03-2006 16:26:31
Blumenfeld: I am aware of my privileged position as someone who's 20 years of desperately seeking were awarded by a vast collection of Мясковский recordings on lp's as well as cd's. Still I am sad that so many of his works are not easily available and that they are so rarely performed.
So in the Netherlands we are very lucky to have two Мясковский concerts in the very near future: the String Quartet #13 by the Borodin Quartet and the Violin Concerto by Vengerov and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra directed by Neeme Järvi. This really is a very rare treat for all Мясковский lovers in the Low Countries.
You said that "one Christophe Huss found his symphonies to be ennuyantes (boring) and all too frequently stuck in an "inspirational impasse", also adding in another review that the composer is pedant (pedantic)." Well, I'd say that monsieur Huss should realize that some composers are asking more patience from their listeners than others. Who cares to listen to Мясковский more than once wil find a sincere beauty that is not given away easily, but all the more rewarding. Pedantic? One could use that very same epitheton for "somewhat influential experts" when they so easily dismiss the efforts of a composer who doesn't seek immediate appeal by the audiences.

From: Georgi / e-mail / 14-03-2006 10:15:52
(Indeed, who could speak of an abundance of great North American symphony composers during the 1910's, 1920's, even during the 1930's? In Finland, perhaps, but not in Canada!) --- That's right ^-)))))

From: Blumenfeld / e-mail / 13-03-2006 05:50:48
It must be wonderful to have so many different versions, Joop. Many of us, Myaskovsky lovers, are just trying to get one version of the symphonies that are not in circulation. As for lps, my two existing turntables are currently defective, so that it does not help me very much to see the occasional Ivanov lp for sale at some online store in the UK or in Russia! By the way of this new message, I have just read music reviews by a somewhat influential expert in French-speaking Canada, one Christophe Huss, who found Myaskovsky's symphonies to be ennuyantes (boring) and all too frequently stuck in an "inspirational impasse," also adding in another review that the composer is pedant (pedantic). Curious, is it not, how we can have such a different conception of what constitutes an interesting, stimulating, and inspiring symphony? Indeed, who could speak of an abundance of great North American symphony composers during the 1910's, 1920's, even during the 1930's? In Finland, perhaps, but not in Canada!

From: Joop (NL) / 12-03-2006 22:06:20
Me again: correcting a correction. Of course #6 has been recorded five times as well. I forgot to mention Svetlanov's on Russian Disc and Olympia. He ran out of money when he recorded all orchestral works in the early 90s, so he has no choir (which is ad libitum anyway). By the way: the conductor of the Marco Polo cd of symphony #6 is not Michael Halasz as I stated, but Robert Stankovsky. I should check my cd collection before posting...

From: Joop (NL) / 12-03-2006 12:33:02
Correction: on second thoughts #5 is equalled by #21 as the most recorded Мясковский symphony: Gould, Ivanov, Ormandy, Measham, Svetlanov. On second position #6 with four recordings: Kondrashin, Dudarova, Hálasz, Järvi.

From: Administrator / 12-03-2006 12:20:39
We appreciate greatly when you inform about the concerts you are aware of. We reflect it in Events .

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