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From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 06-02-2014 01:06:26
I am happy to inform fans of Myaskovsky that there is a recording of the Violin Sonata performed by the British musicians Nona Liddell and Daphne Ibbott for the BBC. there is a web site for this music; http://www.mediafire.com/?3z1y5ms1iq9k9 I hope you enjoy listening to this wonderful late romantic piece !

From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 31-12-2013 19:20:00
My book , Nikolay Myaskovsky : the conscience of Russian music is to be published by Rowman and Littlefield in May 2014. This will be the first authoritative account of his life and music to be published in English for many years, together with a full discography, chronography and list of his works and will contain many photographs some of which have not been published before. I am prepared to make some copies available for half-price to followers of this website (25 dollars), please contact me at my internet address. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year !!!!

From: Anatole Gomersall / e-mail / url / 14-12-2013 01:07:33
As an intimate adorer of Dmitri Shostakovich's music, I was rather late coming to Nicolai Myaskovsky's music. How could I have missed out this beautiful music so long? Thank you very much for your website and the work you put into it! As information, there is a wonderful recording of the 19th Symphony by the Stockholm Concert Band not yet listed. Here is the info: http://www.classicalarchives.com/work/443500.html Many thanks again! Long live the true Russian spirit in the music of its composers and not in the deeds of its contemporary politicians.

From: John / e-mail / 03-12-2013 02:05:26
Dear Sir/Madam, This message isn't to be published, but I wasn't sure how else to contact you. I wanted to draw your attention to a concert in the UK featuring Myaskovsky's 27th Symphony, and perhaps you could add it to your events page. The concert is on Friday 31 January in LSO St. Luke's, 161 Old Street, London EC1V 9NG, United Kingdom. The orchestra is the Melos Sinfonia and the conductor is Oliver Zeffman. The other pieces are Tchaikovsky Romeo & Juliet Fantasy-Overture and Panufnik Cello Concerto. More information here: www.barbican.org.uk/music/event-detail.asp?ID=15670 and here: www.melossinfonia.co.uk Many thanks, John

From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 21-10-2013 18:59:32
I hope this is of interest because Myaskovsky's 'Yellowing pages' was transcribed for trumpet by the famous Soviet trumpeter Timofei Dokshitser and recorded on Melodiya in the 1970s. Also there is a performance by a Russian pianist Yelena Skuratovskaya on another Melodiya LP, in addition 3 of the pieces from the collection were recorded by Oleg Marshev and these are on CD Danacord label from 1994. I hope that this useful.

From: Георгий / e-mail / 15-04-2013 11:59:57
У меня есть запись "Пожелтевших страниц" в исполнении McLahlan.

From: Воробьева Альбина Анатольевна / e-mail / 29-01-2013 09:39:01
Очень люблю музыку Мясковского с детства, особенно 27 симфонию. Долгое время не могла в продаже найти записей произведений Мясковского. Хотелось бы узнать, можно ли заказать полное собрание сочинений Мясковского, если такое есть? Ответьте, пожалуйста.

From: alex / 21-11-2012 09:38:56
Добрый день. В прошлом моём сообщении я выразил сомнение о том что Мясковский был контужен под Перемышлем . Конкретного подтверждения о контузии я в переписке не нашёл . Но боях за Перемышль Мясковский участвовал действительно в марте - апреле 1915 г в составе 11 - й армии Селиванова . Хотя Гулинская писала вот что контузию он получил под Перемышлем ? Но вот в госпиталь он попал только в конце 1915 и выписался оттуда в январе 1916. Странно как - то . Тем более Мясковский упоминает ещё о нескольких обстрелах , последний из которых оказался роковым для его батальона . Но это , повторюсь было только поздней осенью 1915 г . Нестыковочки получаются. Хотя Гулинской доверять нельзя так как 50 % её книги это отражение идеологических штампов эпохи застоя .

From: Emil Dianov / e-mail / 04-11-2012 13:02:01
Hello! I'm a person who likes Myaskovsky's music. Does anybody know about the score of this music? (I have the 16 pieces that selected from this list) Ten (or Twelve) Preludes for piano 1896-1898 Four Preludes for piano 1899 Two Preludes for piano 1900 Prelude in C sharp minor for piano 1901 Fantasy in F minor for piano 1903 Idyll for piano, F major 1904 Two Fantasies for piano C sharp minor and D major 1904 Piano Sonata in E minor 1905 Scherzando for piano 1905 “Flofion”, part I, six preludes for piano 1899-1901 "Flofion" (Part II), sketches for piano 1906 "Flofion”, Part III, sketches for piano 1906-1907 “Flofion”, Part IV, "Frolics" for piano 1907 “Flofion”, Part V, "Frolics" for piano 1907-1908 “Flofion”, Part VI, "School exercises" for piano 1907-1908 "Flofion”, Part VII, "Exercises" for piano 1908-1912 “Flofion”, Part VIII, "Sketches and fragments" for piano 1917-1919 Piano Sonata in C minor in one movement 1907 Piano Sonata in G major in one movement 1907 Twenty-six Fugues for piano

From: Wes Clark / e-mail / url / 22-10-2012 00:26:54
The music of N. Myaskovsky became significant to me when I first heard his Symphony #21; I was only 17. The work continues to move me for reasons I cannot articulate. Since then I have come to know some of his other symphonies and have loved them all. Why is the work of this man not better known than it is? I am very happy to have found this website.

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