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From: Roger Seery / e-mail / 02-04-2007 20:27:28
There is frequent mention of one conductor in these pages as regards recordings of Myaskovsky symphonies; that is Svetlanov. What I'd like to know is are there many recordings of the aforementioned with Rodsdestvensky at the podium? I have heard one such recording, with a Russian orchestra performing the 2nd Symphony. On that evidence, it would appear that this conductor was more than up to the task of directing these sometimes taxing scores. I don't know if Rodsdestvensky ever recorded a cycle of Myaskovsky's Symphonies, but if he did, maybe the recordings could be 'dug up' as it were, and rereleased by some enterprising publishing company?

From: Joop (NL) / 29-03-2007 01:44:49
To Raymond Cox: the Olympia label does not exist anymore since the death of its founder and proprietor Francis Wilson, some years ago. However: there are signs that the Myaskovsky symphony cycle will be resumed by Warner as a part of their Svetlanov project.

From: Raymond Cox / e-mail / 28-03-2007 21:43:53
Unless I have missed spotting an e-mail on this, whatever happened to the wonderful Olympia series of all symphonies and orchestral works, under Svetlanov. 17 volumes were projected, and after volume 10.... no more. That was a few years ago. Are there, therefore, any recordings of symphonies 15,16 & 17 available?

From: Timothy Ruff Welch / e-mail / 17-03-2007 20:30:55
Does anyone know where I can find recordings for symphonies 14, 16, 20, 23 and 26? I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Tim

From: Richard Saunders / e-mail / 08-03-2007 06:27:17
Thought I'd mention the complete 16 CD Russian Disc set of box sets is available at present (8th March 2007) from Ebay ("buy it Now") from two Russian CD specialist sellers: "Nice Record Shop" and "Rare Russian Records" and at a very cheap price (US$170 if you buy them as a set). They're not listed directly on ebay, so search on Ebay for "Myaskovsky" and you should get a link to both sellers from there. Still a few sets left to sell as I write...

From: Grant Murdock / e-mail / 01-03-2007 23:46:10
Truly an underplayed and under-rated composer if ever there was one. Beautifully romantic and romantically Russian. At this moment I am listening to his Violin Concerto played by Grigori Feigin on the Olympia label. Naxos need to do more for this wonderful composer.

From: Georgi / e-mail / 19-02-2007 12:05:44
(I am also trying to find works by his student V. Gaigerova) - I have 4 pieces of Gaigerova, recorded by Vladimir Belov

From: Jeffrey Downes / e-mail / 18-02-2007 21:25:31
After only two years of searching I now relax in the company of all released recordings so tantalisingly always shown on an amazon site but never seemingly available.
It truly is beyond me that Mr Myaskovsky is a lost artist commercially wise, but it cannot be for much longer. A true genius.
Thank You for maintainin his memory.
Jeffrey Downes

From: Михаил Лидский / e-mail / 16-02-2007 23:55:14
Сижу, размечаю монтаж записи сонат. Для разметок пользуюсь нотами, взятыми с сайта Алексея Чернова. Это, судя по всему, какой-то том. Сам я учил ор.64 по первому изданию, прижизненному. И вот обнаруживаются некоторые разночтения. (Черновский сайт сейчас на реконструкции, но, может, скоро восстановится, да и наверняка этот том есть у кого-нб в бумажном виде.)
Так, например, первый такт стр.197 черновских нот (соната As-dur, op.64-2, II часть) содержит до-бекар в п.р. (гармоническая фигурация), которого в прижизненном издании нет. В басу до-бекар есть в обоих изданиях.
Вроде бы, теоретически рассуждая, до-бекар должен быть во всех голосах. К тому же, имей Мясковский, опытнейший редактор, в виду до-диез в п.р. на басу с до-бекаром, он наверняка бы поставил в п.р. диез хотя бы в скобках. Чего не наблюдается.
Однако вариант с переченьем (сглаженным плавным голосоведением) звучит, по-моему, лучше. А без переченья - несколько тривиально. Я, когда увидел до-бекар, сокрушенно подумал, что вот, мол, я не догадался и все такое. Между тем, и шотландский коллега Мак-Лафлин играет с переченьем.
Кто-нб знает редактора тома? Возможно ли выяснить, что да как?

From: john mclaughlin williams / e-mail / 06-02-2007 08:47:17
What a great composer. I know I will perform the 22nd or the 25th Symphonies sometime. I am also trying to find works by his student V. Gaigerova. Anyone know how to get them? Great site!

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