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From: Joop (NL) / 18-05-2007 01:43:27
To Roger Seery: I gave Tamara an extra listening and tried to find confirmation of your theory. I think there surely are certain similarities to Myaskovsky's 25th, especially in the beginning and at the end when a clarinet solo turns up, but the beautiful tranquility of the 25th lacks Tamara's underlying nervosity. In my humble opinion, that is. But you are quite right in recognizing Balakirev's influence on Myaskovsky anyway.
To Kees (NL): there are 25 releases now on Warner's list http://www.svetlanov-evgeny.com/FR/collection_officielle/index.php and no Myaskovsky yet. Still I am pretty sure that the Myaskovsky's are among the "PLUS DE 100 AUTRES PARUTIONS JUSQU’А L’AUTOMNE 2010" mentioned at the bottom. The recordings are all there, they were released in a limited edition by Russian Disc (and later in the aborted Olympia project) and they represent one of Svetlanov's most important projects. The one that almost made him bankrupt. Wacht maar af.

From: Kees (NL) / e-mail / 17-05-2007 18:38:05
Great composer and site! Very fine to discover the site. Joop has written (29/03/2007): However: there are signs that the Myaskovsky symphony cycle will be resumed by Warner as a part of their Svetlanov project. Please can you tell me or this is becoming true?

From: Roger Seery / e-mail / 15-05-2007 13:31:39
The list of influences on the music of Myaskovsky would be well known - oft mentioned are Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Scriabin, Schumann, Grieg and others. However, one composer whom I haven't heard mentioned is his predecessor in Russian music and founder member of "The Mighty Handful", i.e. Mily Balakirev. If one listens to the latter's symphonic poem, "Tamara", a certain similarity exists between parts of that and parts of Myaskovsky's 25th Symphony and his fifth piano sonata. Surely others must have noticed this?

From: leonie stevens / e-mail / 03-05-2007 01:27:14
It wonderfull to find this Myaskovsky website! I love it.As a child i got in love with his string quartets and later i found out that he wrote also a celloconcerto and 2 sonates. Lucky me being a cellist. I really enjoy playing them. I play Russian programs in the Netherlands. see: www.geocities.jp/horusduo/nl

From: John Parrillo / e-mail / 26-04-2007 13:37:55
Where can I purchase a copy of Svetlanov's Volume 10 of Myaskovsky's complete symphonic works on Russian disk. Does any company plan to complete the 17 CD collection?

From: Алексей Войтенко / 21-04-2007 00:42:09
Всех поздравляю с 126-й годовщиной рождения Николая Яковлевича! Пусть его музыка принесет нам всем еще немало радостных мгновений! :)

From: Georgi / e-mail / icq / 20-04-2007 11:48:33
It's the great date in the history of Russian culture. But I'm afraid, it will pass unnoticed in our mass-media -((((

From: Administrator / 20-04-2007 11:31:17
Today is the 126th anniversary of Nikolay Yakovlevich Myaskovsky.
We welcome all friends of his music and will be glad to continue seeing you all at our site.

From: Joop (NL) / 04-04-2007 15:41:38
As far as I know there are two Myaskovsky recordings by Rozhdestvensky and the State SO of the Ministry of Culture: Symphony #2, recorded 10 III 1986 (Russia Revelation RV10068) and Symphony #5, recorded 12 II 1982 (Russia Revelation RV10069). Both recordings were released in the 90s but are deleted since long. Especially #5 is interesting because 'Genka' conducts it far faster than any of his colleagues. Svetlanov was an ardent champion of Myaskovsky's music and, well, Rozhdestvensky obviously is not. If he had ever recorded a symphony cycle we would have known by now.

From: Roger Seery / e-mail / 02-04-2007 20:27:28
There is frequent mention of one conductor in these pages as regards recordings of Myaskovsky symphonies; that is Svetlanov. What I'd like to know is are there many recordings of the aforementioned with Rodsdestvensky at the podium? I have heard one such recording, with a Russian orchestra performing the 2nd Symphony. On that evidence, it would appear that this conductor was more than up to the task of directing these sometimes taxing scores. I don't know if Rodsdestvensky ever recorded a cycle of Myaskovsky's Symphonies, but if he did, maybe the recordings could be 'dug up' as it were, and rereleased by some enterprising publishing company?

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