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From: Steve N Lewis / e-mail / 14-02-2015 01:17:49
Where can I find score and parts to Myaskovsky's Sinfonietta op 10?

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 22-12-2014 15:21:57
Li Wen, You will find helpful information on those symphonies in Gregor Tassie's excellent new biography of the composer 'Nikolay Myaskovsky, the Conscience of Russian Music'. There is a much older biography by Ikkonikov which you might be able to find online. Also, there are Per Skans's excellent notes to the Olympia/Alto CDs of NM's symphonies. Unfortunately the Olympia discs are now hard to find or ridiculously expensive. However there is an Olympia CD featuring Symphony 3 which seems to be readily available and not too expensive. Best wishes for your research.

From: Markwin Meeuws / e-mail / url / 30-11-2014 11:31:16
I think the fact that the symphonies of Myaskovsky are not more well-known adds to their appeal and mystery. It is as if you're walking on uncharted territory without a map, and often suddenly turn a corner and find beautiful landscapes. I wonder if Myaskovsky has been aware of this, and I like to think he did know he was at least an acquired taste.

From: Li Wen Yin / e-mail / 13-11-2014 08:05:15
I\\\'m very lucky to find this website, as a doctoral student from Conservatory of music of China. Now I\\\'m working on the study of Myaskovsky\\\'s symphonies. But unfortunately, there are little note of Myaskovsky. I\\\'ve try my best to find several notes from internet ( from websites and official websit of the Libraries of China or Russia). Really need help from you all.The notes of the 3rd, 6th, 7th,9th are urgent needed. Thank you!

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 09-11-2014 12:34:50
Gregor's biography of Miaskovsky is a great achievement and a must for any admirer of this great composer. Apart from the illuminating text and in depth discussion of the life and works of NM there is a fascinating collection of photographs, many of them new to me. Also, there is a new Melodiya 3CD set of NM's symphonies 16,17,21,22,25 and 27. Nos 16 and 21 are fine historical recordings (from 1950) conducted by Konstantin Ivanov, both excellent. I am sorry, however, that Melodiya did not choose Alexander Gauk's very moving recording of Symphony 27 instead of the Svetlanov version which is already available. Symphony 25 contains one of my favourite NM moments - the wonderful theme five minutes into the first movement.

From: Johan Michael Katz / e-mail / 15-10-2014 02:19:34
The score is available on IMSLP but is copyright in the US and EU. I am in contact with many sources in Russia to try to obtain parts but in the end I may have to cut and paste a set which considering that the score has 4 staves per page and about 30 pages is prohibative. I will let you know if anything transpires while i am in Russia next week (Oct 22 to Nov 10). There have been several recordings by Russian groups: Opus 68: Sinfonietta no. 2 in A minor for string orchestra (1945-1946) Parts: 1. Prelude and Fuguette: Allegro molto. Largo pesante 2. Gavotte: Andantino graciozo 3. Andante elevato & another performance of Andante elevato 4. Allegro con fuoco LP Melodiya C10 15191: USSR Academic SO, V. Verbitzky (cond) CD Olympia OCD 168: USSR Academic SO, V. Verbitzky (cond) CD Zyx-Melodiya MEL 46024-2: USSR Academic SO, V. Verbitzky (cond) CD Claves CD 50-9415-2: Kremlin Chamber Orchestra, M. Rachlevsky (cond) CD Naxos 8.550953: Dalgat String Ensemble, R. Melia (cond) CD Russian Disc RDCD 00666: Russia State Academic SO, E. Svetlanov (cond) CD Warner Classics 2564 69689-8 (16 CD-set): Symphony Orchestra of the Russian Federation, Evgeny Svetlanov (cond) Please let me know if you are successful Regards JMK

From: Roberta Rominger / e-mail / 04-08-2014 23:26:48
Tonight Britain is remembering the outbreak of World War I on the 100th anniversary of the declaration of war. I am thinking of Miaskovsky, the reluctant soldier, wounded and shell-shocked in combat on the Austrian front. So many broken lives!

From: Klaus Graf / e-mail / 15-05-2014 19:38:13
Hello, i want to perform Workshop from myaskovsky ! Wehre can i geht score and Parts for Symphonie Nr.19 and the other Piefkes for wind orchestra? Best regards Klaus

From: Алексей / e-mail / 28-04-2014 14:08:33
К сожалению, партитуры симфонических произведений этого замечательного композитора не переиздаются, и думается, и не будут, купить их нигде невозможно. А те, что были изданы при жизни сверхмалыми тиражами и подавно достать нельзя (я не имею в виду библиотеки, хотя их там тоже мало). А как приятно послушать музыку смотря в (бумажную) партитуру... Интересно, почему никто не берётся переиздать произведения Мясковского ?

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 23-02-2014 21:04:55
Am greatly looking forward to seeing Gregor's biography of Miaskovsky - the first one in English since the translation of Alexei Ikonnikov's 'Myaskovsky, His Life and Work' published in 1944, during the time of Stalin and obviously not commenting on any symphonies beyond No. 23.

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