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From: John Parrillo / e-mail / 27-06-2008 16:20:27
I received the complete 16 CD set of Myaskovsky's complete symphonies and other orchestral works. One minor problem I found was a misprint in the notes and back box cover. They list Symphony #8 twice, but in fact the Opus 42 is actually Symphony #18. In the US, I bought my set from Bershire Record Outlet of Lee, MA. They said they may have more this summer at broinc.com for under $80. Does anyone know if there will be an additional Svetlanov set of the complete symphonies of Glazunov? Warner Music France has listed some other Svetlanov albums to be released in the future. See warnermusic.fr and svetlanov-evgeny.com, pretty good websites.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 25-06-2008 03:56:18
Very pleased to say that I have just seen my first ever live concert in England featuring the music of Myaskovsky: Symphony No 21, performed by the Kensington Symphony Orchestra conducted by Russell Keable at St John's Smith Square, London. It was a fine performance (sandwiched between Smetana and Dvorak). The orchestra is non-professional but they gave as good a performance as I could have hoped. I never expected to see a Myaskovsky symphony performed in England! Let's hope that the recent appearance of the Warner box set of symphonies, together with the forthcoming completion of the Olympia/Alto symphony cycle will create renewed interest in the music of Myaskovsky and will lead to many more live performances.

From: russel sands / e-mail / 05-06-2008 01:08:24
Just received the complete Myaskovsky symphonies under the great Russian conductor Svetlanov. Let's all hope this is a landmark for the fortunes of this shamefully neglected composer and especially that it will encourage the great symphony orchestras of the world to perform his music regularly!! I'm thrilled with this great addition to my collection!!

From: Joop (NL) / 30-05-2008 23:01:19
I don't think that Alto, who did a considerable good effort to continue the aborted Olympia series, will be very pleased to see that Warner is releasing the very same recordings now in a 16cd boxed set as a part of their Svetlanov Edition... but on the other hand: if this can help Miaskovsky's cause, well, let's be grateful for it. What about Ikonnikov. Unfortunately he did not finish his biography after Miaskovsky's death. An extended edition would have been helpful. The only other book on Miaskovsky that I know is the one by Gulinskaya. I own the German translation. It is useful albeit written from a 'official' Soviet point of view. Since I don't read Russian I should welcome a new monography in English.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 29-05-2008 12:23:09
Does anyone have any information about Alexandrei Ikonnikov, the biographer of Miaskovsky, please?

From: Raymond Cox / e-mail / 27-05-2008 12:37:48
Yes, it's good news - but all those who have been collecting the Olympia/Alto series will await the last 4 volumes (14 - 17) which remain to be released, as the recordings are the same as this new complete set. But the new set hopefully will encourage music lovers new to Myaskovsky to try his music.

From: Алексей Войтенко / e-mail / 27-05-2008 00:36:19
http://nikitin.co.ua/showfullreproductions.php?id=1210857574 По этой ссылке находится репродукция портрета Н.Я. Мясковского "Молчание", написанного к 127-летней годовщине композитора замечательным киевским художником и иконописцем Юрием Никитиным. ****************

http://nikitin.co.ua/showfullreproductions.php?id=1210857574 The link leads to a reproduction of N.Myaskovsky's portrait "Silentium" by Jurij Nikitin, a brilliant artist and icon-painter from Kiev.

From: Roger Seery / e-mail / 26-05-2008 15:03:11
Great news for all Myaskovsky fans seeking the complete survey of his symphonies-the complete collection (conducted by Evgeni Svetlanov) is now available from Amazon.co.uk at the price of Ј46.99. At last!

From: Malcolm J. Thomson / e-mail / 22-04-2008 01:35:58
I shall be spending this entire day listening only the recordings of Myaskovsky's symphonies. It is customary to celebrate and give gifts to a person on their birthday, but surely Myaskovsky has bestowed the greatest gift to the world through the beauty that is found in his music. Malcolm J. Thomson

From: Administrator / 20-04-2008 22:56:32
It's Myaskovsky's birth date today. 127 years ago...

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