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From: Joop (NL) / 09-08-2008 22:16:32
There is a Miaskovsky biography by Soya Konstantinova Gulinskaya, published 1981 in Moscow and translated into German in 1985. If you are prepared to put aside some politically correct Soviet statements, it is very useful.
Reihe: Meister der russischen und sowjetischen Musik, Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin 1985.
I'm pretty sure this GDR publisher doesn't exist any more, but libraries surely will have it.

From: Alexey Voytenko (Р.S.) / 08-08-2008 19:19:46
By the way, today is the 58-th anniversary of Myaskovsky's death. RIP
Сегодня - 58 лет со дня смерти Николая Яковлевича.

From: Alexey Voytenko - to Jeffry Davis / e-mail / 08-08-2008 10:59:33
Dear Mr.Davis!
Few words about Your question on Ikonnikov's writings. He has got an advanced monography that covers all Myaskovsky's life and activity. It's title - "Our days' artist N.Yak.Myaskovsky", it was published twice (1966 and 1982; the second one is revised). It covers all the periods of Myaskovsky's life and there is a lot of worth noticing material (firstly - epistolary).
Maybe, it's not the best biography as it's desired - but, never mind, the second issue of it is a very important book. I don't know, if it was translated in English.
Sincerely Yours, Alexey.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 01-08-2008 20:20:18
Dear Tatiana,
I forgot to mention in my previous posting a very important point. Apart from Mr Ikonnikov's 1944 biography of Miaskovsky the other great source for NM's life and music is this site! Both the articles and guest book cooments (a pity I can't read Russian) are extremely helpful.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 31-07-2008 03:11:49

Thank you Tatiana for the translation!

There is a real need for a biography of Miaskovsky. It is a shame that the Alexandrei Ikonnikov book ends in World War Two (before Symphony 24). I wonder why Mr Ikonnikov never wrote a version which continues down to 1950. He was writing sleeve notes for NM's music in the 1970s, so I guess that he must have lived on after Miaskovsky died.

I wrote the notes for Symphony 17, 21 and 23 in the Olympia/Alto CD series of complete Miaskovsk'y symphonies after the very sad death of Per Skans and apart from the very helpful Ikonnikov biography and some internet articles and a few references in books on Russian and Soviet music, there really is nothing else. Biographies of NM's friend Prokofiev can be helpful as they sometimes quote from NM's letters to Prokofiev. Do Miaskovsky's letters exist in an archive somewhere in Russia? If so they would be an invaluable source of information. If I could read Russian I would love to do some research myself on this fascinating composer!

From: Administrator / 10-07-2008 12:51:52
Dear friends,
Here is Dr Zuk’s post in brief.
Dr. Zuk after introducing himself writes that several years ago he became interested in Myaskovsky’s music. He mentioned that in the West there is very little information in English about Myaskovsky and his music is little known. He says that he would like to study Myaskovsky’s works and thinks of writing a biography and a review. He realizes that it is a rather ambitious task, that is why it is important for him to estimate the volume of work and to foresee possible obstacles and difficulties.
He addresses us to advise him on the possibility to carry out such a project and to inform him on the available materials and where they could be found: in the archives, private hands, etc.

I believe that advises and knowledge of the amateurs of Myaskovsky’s music will be very important in this case. What do you think?

Tatiana, the Administrator

From: Raymond Cox / e-mail / 07-07-2008 15:54:01
Yes, please Dr Zuk - a translation. Thank you in anticipation.

From: Joop (NL) / 06-07-2008 22:49:52
I really would like to know what a well respected Irish composer and music lecturer as Патрик Зук has to say about Николай Мясковский. If I only could read Russian... Translation please Dr. Zuk!?

From: Борис Дворкин / e-mail / 02-07-2008 07:52:49
Быть может любителям творчества Николая Мясковского будет интересно посмотреть фильм о нем по адресу http://video.mail.ru/mail/bdvorkin/63/87.html

From: Dr Patrick Zuk / e-mail / 30-06-2008 11:31:55
Уважаемый коллега! Я – ирландский музыковед и преподаю в Даремском университете в Англии. Пишу Вам в надежде, что Вы могли бы помочь мне ответить на мои вопросы.

Несколько лет назад я очень заинтересовался творчеством русского композитора Николая Мясковского. Вы, несомненно, знаете, что на Западе существует весьма ограниченная информация на английском языке об этом крупном композиторе, чья музыка, к сожалению, у нас малоизвестна. Я хотел бы заняться исследованием творчества Мясковского, чтобы впоследствии написать подробный биографический очерк и проанализировать его сочинения. Разумеется, я понимаю, что беру на себя большую ответственность, поэтому для меня крайне важно перед тем, как взяться за этот труд, четко определить объем работы и те трудности, с которыми я могу впоследствии столкнуться.

Если Вы смогли бы уделить немного времени, я бы с огромной благодарностью узнал Ваше мнение о возможности осуществления такого проекта. Я бы также был весьма признателен, если бы Вы могли сообщить мне о собрании материалов о Мясковском, если таковые находятся в частных коллекциях, или назвать имена ныне здравствующих людей, имевших личные или деловые контакты с ним, которые согласились бы побеседовать со мной.

Я понимаю, что Вы, вероятно, очень заняты и надеюсь, не сочтете эту просьбу нескромной. Разумеется, я буду ссылаться на Вас во всех своих потенциальных публикациях.

С уважением
Патрик Зук

Dr Patrick Zuk
CETL Lecturer in Music
Music School
University of Durham
Palace Green
Durham DH1 3RL
Great Britain

Tel: +44 (191) 334 3160

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