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From: Raymond Cox / e-mail / 09-02-2010 11:21:17
Good news! There will be a performance of Myaskovsky's Symphony No 6 (with chorus!) by the London Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Vladimir Jurowski on April 28, at the Royal Festival Hall, London. The other work on the programme is Prokofiev's Sinfonia Concertante, Op 125

From: Boris / e-mail / 06-02-2010 22:06:04
Brooklin Public Library. Tuesday, 6 April 2010, 19: 00, the Central Library (10 Grand Army Plaza), Duиk-Centre-documentaries Boris Dvorkin "Epitaph" (film about D.D.Shostakovich) and "NYAMa" (film about the composer N. Myaskovsky). In Russian with English subtitles.

From: Boris / e-mail / 06-02-2010 21:50:34
9 марта в Центральном Доме Ученых РАН в 18.30 состоится показ документального фильма о Н.Я.Мясковском "НЯМА". Приглашаются все желающие. Вход свободный

From: egv / 20-01-2010 22:47:20
Н.Я.Мясковский "Киров с нами", дирижёр Г.Н.Рождественский. БЗК, 14 декабря 2009 года
Насладимся звучанием великолепной кантаты!

From: Gregor Tassie / e-mail / 31-12-2009 19:52:02
I am currently resaerching for a book on Myaskovsky, it seems to me that the difficulty for this composer to reach a wider audience, particularly on the concert platform, is that it is often difficuult to listen to his music as it is host to different influences and periods in 20th century music, and throughout there is a common chromatic harmony ( like Brahms, Wagner or Dvorak) which tends to put off some listeners from exploring more of his music. The greatest challenge is that there are no particular conductors who want to promote this composrr's music , he also suffered from the fact that he lived at a period when two or three great Russian composers were alive and working ; Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich amnd of those Russian conductors who promoted his music died by 1960. He also suffered from the Cold War which had also its influence on Shostakovich's reception until 'Testimony' came out in 1979 and when he became 'respectable'.
I firmly believe that an audience will be won for Myaskovsky's music, not just the symphonies but his chamber music and concertos. Slowly but surely I can see improvements with all his symphonies, quartets and concertos available, with this I am sure he will receive his true recognition as a great Russian composer.

From: Frank Balzer / e-mail / 24-12-2009 01:26:33
I am exploring, analyzing and attempting to understand the symphonic compositions of Soviet era composers.
Presently, this project has landed me on the doorsteps of Miaskovsky.
Though I have purchased and studied the later symphonies, I must wonder why this composer's reputation isn't on paar with Prokoviev and Shotakovich.
His honest and authentic voice and his remarkable craftmanship place him with the above more famous Soviet composers; in fact, he should be reevaluated and granted the status as a important 20th century composer and teacher.
I almost always enjoy listening to his symphonies. They are a wellspring to drink from in a world of fake celebrity, phony fame and empty fads.

From: Michaі / e-mail / 31-10-2009 04:00:17
Does somebody know where can I get A complete parts with partitura of Myaskovsky's String Quartets? Does anybody have part of 8th quartet in f sharp minor? Thanks in advace for reply!

From: ID / 23-10-2009 01:23:04
Hello, You mention Lydia Jardon\\\'s concert but not her record. You may visit \\\"www.arre-se.com/arr-Miaskovsky-LJ_en1.html\\\". Best regards

From: Белышев Р.Г. / e-mail / 02-10-2009 21:55:36
18 октября 2009 года БЗК 14:00
"Навстречу 50-летию Союзу композиторов России"

Н.Мясковский Симфония №15
Т.Чудова Симфония №3 "Молодая Гвардия" (части 2-4)
P.Леденев Концерт для альта с оркестром
В.Казенин Сюита из балет "Сказ про купца Калашникова"
А.Семенов Концертино для Большого барабана

Т.Антипова (меццо-сопрано)
Т.Келле (альт)
И.Гришкин (Большой барабан)

Симфонический оркестр МО РФ
Художественный руководитель-начальник
заслуженный артист РФ
полковник А.Колотушкин
Дирижер Р.Белышев

From: Pascal Ianco / e-mail / 14-09-2009 16:54:56
To whom it may concern,
We - Les Editions Le Chant du Monde - are Miaskovsky's publisher in France.
We would like to announce the release of a new Miaskovsky , recording, the Sonatas 2, 3 and 4 performed by the French pianist Lydia Jardon , on Arese Label, and made in partnership with us.

Pascal Ianco
Les Editions Le Chant du Monde
Paris, France

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