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From: Thomas Gochenour / 15-05-2010 15:44:41
For Kenneth Lau, You can get the complete recordings of the strings of Myaskovsky recorded by the Tanyaev Quartet on the Northern Flowers label. This is a St. Petersburg outfit and they distribute within Russia. But you can find the same recordings re-released in the West through Amazaon. Unfortunately they are not available in a complete boxed set. The originals were on 5 CDs.

From: Kenneth Lau / e-mail / 12-05-2010 21:07:06
I'm from Hong Kong. I love Myaskovsky's music especially slow movements! The first piece which caught my attention was his Cello Sonata No. 2! Then, I kept finding recordings of his music, but it's not an easy job! Lately, I enjoy his String Qurtet No. 13! I hope there will be complete box set of his String Qurtets!!

From: Joop ten Anker / 06-05-2010 18:37:45
Well, I was at the Royal Festival Hall too, last week, and enjoyed every minute of the performance. At first I was surprised by the raw way of singing (chanting more like), not too polished anyway, but I fully understand why Yurovsky wanted it that way. It was a great evening.

From: Jeffrey Downes / e-mail / 05-05-2010 18:49:37
I am now able to basque in the sheer glory of most of his works. To complete my set I need Volume 2, 3 and 4.
Truly amazing that Amazon is asking over £90 for the three discs. if any one in the UK has duplicates that they may wish to sell please leave a message here for me!
Jeffrey Downes.

From: Raymond Cox / e-mail / 05-05-2010 12:22:15
I,too, attended the London performance of the 6th Symphony. It was wonderful and, surprisingly, the audience was quite large - for a work which probably would have been unknown to many. The gentleman who gave the pre-concert talk hoped to persuade Jurowski to perform further symphonies in the future.

From: Jeffrey Davis / e-mail / 01-05-2010 16:13:22
I attended the wonderful performance of Myaskovsky's 6th Symphony in London last Thursday (LPO, Jurowski). Not only that but I was contacted by a member of the LPO choir who not only bought me a ticket for the concert but also invited to me to the rehearsal the previous day. This was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. I was introduced to Vladimir Jurowski, who was very nice and he showed me his copy of the score, which was a copy of one inscribed to his grandfather by Khachaturian when they had both been in Myaskovsky's composition class in Moscow. I thought that I'd be put somewhere, unobtrusively, at the back during the rehearsal, but to my great surprise I was given a chair about three feet behing Jurowski. The rehearsal was fascinating. He told the orchestra to play part of the last movement 'more like Korngold' and he sang the moving choral passage in the finale to the choir, in order to demonstrate that he wanted it to sound more like a folk song which would be sung by russian peasants. At the end I thought that I'd slip away, but instead of that Maestro Jurowski turned round and summoned me up to the rostrom to continue our conversation about Myaskovsky! A wonderful experience for me which I will never forget and so great to hear Myaskovsky's 6th Symphony performed with such eloquence live in London.

From: Igor Ferlan / e-mail / 16-04-2010 06:19:26
Does somebody know where can I get the score of the wonderful Violin Concerto by Myaskovsky? I searched everywhere in the internet and I don't find it. I hope you'll can help me. Thanks in advance for reply to my question.

From: Warren Cohen / e-mail / 20-03-2010 07:39:25
Just to let you know, the MusicaNova Orchestra in Scottsdale Arizona will perform the Symphony no.27 at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts at 4PM April 11th. We will also do the op.58 Cello Concerto by Prokofiev with Jeffrey Solow as the cellist. Check our website www.musicanovaaz.org and some comments on the music on my blog at www.musicanovamusings.org

From: Jean-clair Pradier / e-mail / 26-02-2010 17:45:06
Hello, I try to find the score of the piano sonata n°7 (pdf versions available on internet are not complete). Does someone know where this score is available or would you have a complete copy ? Many thanks.

From: Сергей Ход. / e-mail / icq / url / 26-02-2010 02:10:06
Надеюсь, что в Екатеринбурге пройдёт фестиваль музыки Мясковского

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