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# 31 "Yellowed pages", seven bagatelles for piano Piano1928
- Two songs for voice and piano Vocal1941
- Two sketches for a national hymn of the RSFSR Orchestral music1946
- Two Romances for voice and piano after texts by Maikov and Shakespeare Vocal1905
- Two Romances for voice and piano after texts by Ivanov and Fet Piano1908
- Two Romances for voice and piano (texts by Pomjalovski and A.Tolstoi)Vocal1903
- Two Preludes for piano Piano1900
# 46 bis Two Pieces for String Orchestra Orchestral music1945
- Two Military Marches for wind orchestraOrchestral music1930
# 53 Two Marches for wind orchestra Brass band music1941
- Two Fantasies for piano C sharp minor and D majorPiano1904
- Twenty-six Fugues for piano Piano1907-1908
# 40 Twelve Romances for voice and piano after texts by Lermontov Vocal1935-1936
# T 04 Transcription of Prokofiev's Symphony no. 3 for piano four hands Piano1929
# T 09 Transcription of Prokofiev's symphonic suite "The Year 1941" for piano four hands Piano1941
# T 08 Transcription of Prokofiev's symphonic suite "Egyptian Nights" for piano four hands Vocal1935
# T 07 Transcription of Prokofiev's symphonic poem "Autumn" opus 8 for two pianos eight hands Piano1935
# T 05 Transcription of M. Steinberg's Symphony no. 3 for piano four hands Piano1930
# T 03 Transcription of M. Steinberg's symphonic poem "Prinses Marlene" for two pianos eight handsPiano1926
# T 06 Transcription of M. Mussorgski's "Night on the Bare Mountain" for piano four hands Piano1931
# T 02 Transcription of D. Melkich's symphonic poem "Aladina and Palomid" for two pianos eight hands Piano1925
# T 01 Transcription of C.P.E.Bach's Andante from "Concert for four violins in D" for flute and piano Piano1922
# T 10 Transcription of Borodin's Three Romances and Kavatina from the opera "Prince Igor" for string quartet hamber music1944
- Three Soldiers and Komsomol-Songs for chorus and piano Vocal1934
# 08 Three Sketches for voice and piano using texts by Viacheslav Ivanov Vocal1908
# 45 Three Sketches for voice and piano after texts by S. Shchipashev and L. Kvitko Vocal1938
- Three Marching Songs for chorus and piano Vocal1931
# 02 "The Days of Youth", twelve romances for voice and piano using texts by K. BalmontVocal1903-1906
# 43 1 Ten Very Easy Pieces for piano Piano1938
# 52 Ten Romances for medium voice and piano after texts by Stepan Shchipachev"Vocal1940
- Ten (or Twelve) Preludes for piano Piano1896-1898
# 28 Symphony no. 9 in E minor Symphonies1926-1927
# 26 Symphony no. 8 in A major Symphonies1924-1925
# 24 Symphony no. 7 in B minor Symphonies1922
# 23 Symphony no. 6 in E flat minor with chorus ad libitum Symphonies1921-1923
# 18 Symphony no. 5 in D major Symphonies1918
# 17 Symphony no. 4 in E minor Symphonies1917-1918
# 15 Symphony no. 3 in A minor Symphonies1914
# 85 Symphony no. 27 in C minor Symphonies1949
# 79 Symphony no. 26 in C major "On Russian Themes" Symphonies1948
# 69 Symphony no. 25 in D flat major Symphonies1945-1946
# 63 Symphony no. 24 in F minor Symphonies1943
# 56 Symphony no. 23 in A minor Symphonies1941
# 54 Symphony no. 22 in B minor "Ballade" Symphonies1941
# 51 Symphony no. 21 in F sharp minor in one movement Symphonies1940
# 50 Symphony no. 20 in E major Symphonies1940
# 11 Symphony no. 2 in C sharp minor Symphonies1910-1911
# 46 Symphony no. 19 in E flat major for wind orchestra Brass band music1939
# 42 Symphony no. 18 in C major Symphonies1937
# 41 Symphony no. 17 in G sharp minor Symphonies1936-1937
# 39 Symphony no. 16 in F major Symphonies1935-1936
# 38 Symphony no. 15 in D minor Symphonies1935
# 37 Symphony no. 14 in C major Symphonies1933
# 36 Symphony no. 13 in B flat minor Symphonies1933
# 35 Symphony no. 12 in G minor "October" Symphonies1931-1932
# 34 Symphony no. 11 in B flat minor Symphonies1931-1932
# 30 Symphony no. 10 in F minor in one movement Symphonies1926-1927
# 03 Symphony no. 1 in C minor in three movements Symphonies1908
# 62 String Quartet no. 9 in D minor hamber music1943
# 59 String Quartet no. 8 in F sharp minor hamber music1942
# 55 String Quartet no. 7 in F major hamber music1941
# 49 String Quartet no. 6 in G minor hamber music1939-1940
# 47 String Quartet no. 5 in E minor hamber music1938-1939
# 33 4 String Quartet no. 4 in F minorhamber music1909-1937
# 33 3 String Quartet no. 3 in D minor hamber music1930
# 33 2 String Quartet no. 2 in C minor hamber music1930
# 86 String Quartet no. 13 in A minor hamber music1949
# 77 String Quartet no. 12 in G major hamber music1947
# 67 2 String Quartet no. 11 "Reminiscences" hamber music1945
# 67 1 String Quartet no. 10 "After Ancient Sketches" hamber music1945
# 33 1 String Quartet no. 1 in A minor hamber music1930
- Song on Lenin for chorus and piano (text by A. Surkov)Vocal1932
- Song on Karl Marx for chorus and piano (text by S. Kirsanov)Vocal1932
- "Song at the bench" for voice and piano after texts by Bezymenski Vocal1930
# 58 "Song and Rhapsody" (Prelude and Rondo-Sonata) in B flat minor for piano Piano1942
# 81 Sonata no. 2 in A minor for cello and piano Instrumental music1948-1949
# 70 Sonata in F major for violin and piano Instrumental music1947
# 12 Sonata in D major for cello and piano Instrumental music1911
# 71 "Slavonic Rhapsody" in D minor for symphony orchestra ("Overture-Fantasy on Old-Slavonic 16th Century Themes")Orchestral music1946
# 20 Six Poems for voice and piano after a text by Alexander Blok Vocal1921
# 68 Sinfonietta no. 2 in A minor for string orchestra Orchestral music1945-1946
# 32 2 "Sinfonietta" in B minor for string orchestra Orchestral music1929
# 10 Sinfonietta in A major Orchestral music1910
# 43 3 "Simple Variations", lyric suite in D major for piano Piano1937
# 09 "Silence", symphonic poem after the poem by Edgar Allan Poe Orchestral music1909-1910
# 32 1 Serenada" in E flat major for small symphony orchestra Orchestral music1928-1929
- Scherzando for pianoPiano1905
# 29 "Reminiscences", six pieces for piano Piano1927
- "Quiet", Romance for voice and piano after a text by MelshinVocal1904
# 16 "Premonitions", six sketches for voice and piano using texts by Zinaida Gippius Vocal1913-1914
- Preludium and Fuguetta in G minor on the name Saradshev for symphony orchestraOrchestral music1934
- Prelude in C sharp minor for piano Piano1901
# 78 "Polyphonic sketches" in two movements for piano Piano1947
# 57 Piano Sonatina in E minor Piano1942
# 84 Piano Sonata no. 9 in F major Piano1949
# 83 Piano Sonata no. 8 in D minor Piano1949
# 82 Piano Sonata no. 7 in C major Piano1949
# 64 2 Piano Sonata no. 6 "After Ancient Sketches" in A flat major Piano1944
# 64 1 Piano Sonata no. 5 "After Ancient Sketches" in B major Piano1944
# 27 Piano Sonata no. 4 in C minor Piano1924-1925
# 19 Piano Sonata no. 3 in C minor in one movement Piano1920
# 13 Piano Sonata no. 2 in F sharp minor in one movement Piano1912
# 06 Piano Sonata no. 1 in D minor Piano1907-1909
- Piano Sonata in G major in one movement Piano1907
- Piano Sonata in E minor Piano1905
- Piano Sonata in C minor in one movement Piano1907
# 76 "Pathetic Overture" in C minor Orchestral music1947
- Overture G major for symphony orchestra Orchestrated version of Piano Sonata G-durOrchestral music1909
# 04 "On the Border", eighteen romances for medium and low voice and piano using texts by Zinaida Gippius Vocal1904-1908
# 75 Nocturne "Kremlin by night", cantata for tenor or soprano, chorus and orchestra after texts by Wassiljev Vocal1947
# 01 "Meditations", seven poems after Baratynski for voice and piano Vocal1907
- "Marching Song" for men's chorus a capella after a text by M. Isakovsky Vocal1941
# 07 "Madrigal", suite for voice and piano after poems by Balmont Vocal1908-1909
# 32 3 "Lyric Concertino" in G major for small orchestra, in three movements Orchestral music1929
# 72 "Lyric Book", six romances for soprano and piano after texts by Mira Mendelson and Robert Burns Vocal1946
# 65 "Links of a chain", six sketches for symphony orchestraOrchestral music1944
- "Life Has Become Easier", song for voice and piano after a text by V. Lebedev-Kumatsch Vocal1936
# 61 "Kirov is With Us", cantata in D minor for mezzo-soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra after a text by N. Tichonov Vocal1942
- Idyll for piano, F major Piano1904
# 48 Greetingsoverture in C major Orchestral music1939
- "Glory to Our Sovjet Pilots" for chorus a cappella arranged for four voices after a text by A. Surkov Vocal1934
# 74 "From the past", six improvisations for piano Piano1946
# 87 "From many years", collection of romances and songs after texts by various authorsVocal1950
- Four Songs for the Arctic Explorers (texts by M. Svetlov and Y. Zelvenski)Vocal1939
- Four Preludes for piano Piano1899
# 43 2 Four Easy Polyphonic Pieces for piano Piano1938
- Flofion, Part VIII, "Sketches and fragments" for pianoPiano1917-1919
- "Flofion, Part VII, "Exercises" for pianoPiano1908-1912
- Flofion, Part VI, "School exercises" for pianoPiano1907-1908
- Flofion, Part V, "Frolics" for pianoPiano1907-1908
- Flofion, Part IV, "Frolics" for pianoPiano1907
- "Flofion, Part III, sketches for pianoPiano1906-1907
- Flofion, part I, six preludes for pianoPiano1899-1901
- "Flofion" (Part II), sketches for piano Piano1906
- "Feather-Grass" for chorus a cappella after texts by Balmont Vocal1909
- Fantasy in F minor for piano Piano1903
# 22 "Faded Garland", eight pieces for voice and piano after texts by A. Delwig Vocal1925
# 25 "Eccentricities", six sketches for piano Piano1922-1927
# 60 Dramatic Overture in G minor for wind orchestra Brass band music1942
# 80 Divertimento in E flat major for symphony orchestra Orchestral music1948
# 05 "Derived from Z.Gippius", three pieces for voice and piano using texts by Zinaida GippiusVocal1905-1908
# 44 Concerto in D minor for violin and orchestra Concertos1938
# 66 Concerto in C minor for cello and orchestra Concertos1944
# 73 "Compositions", nine pieces in the form of ancient dances for piano Piano1946
# 21 "At the Close of the Day", three skeches for voice and piano after a text by Tyutchev Vocal1922
# 14 "Alastor", symphonic poem in C minor after Shelley Orchestral music1912

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