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Opus № 32 № 1
Serenada" in E flat major for small symphony orchestra
Years: 1928-1929
Genre: Orchestral music
  1. Allegro marcato
  2. Andante
  3. Allegro vivo

Info: Dedicated to Abram Isaakovich Dsimitrovsky.
  • LP Melodiya C10 15187-8: USSR Academic SO, V. Verbitzky (cond)
  • CD Melodiya (Australia) MA 15187: USSR Academic SO, V. Verbitzky (cond)
  • Russian Disc: RDCD 00664-00667 (4 CD) ; State Academic SO ; E.Svetlanov (cond)
  • CD Olympia OCD 105: USSR Academic SO, V. Verbitzky (cond)
  • CD Zyx-Melodiya MEL 46024-2: USSR Ministry of Defence Orchestra, N. Mikailov (cond)
  • CD Olympia OCD 528: Moscow New Opera Orchestra, Y. Samoilov (cond)
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