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Opus № 86
String Quartet no. 13 in A minor
Year: 1949
Genre: Сhamber music
  1. Moderato
  2. Presto fantastico
  3. Andante con moto e molto cantabile
  4. Molto vivo, energico

Info: Dedicated to the Beethoven Quartet. First performance on 21 October 1950 by the Beethoven Quartet.
  • LP Melodiya D 09269: Borodin Quartet
  • LP Westminster XWN 18423: Beethoven Quartet
  • LP Melodiya C10 16211-2: Leningrad Taneyev Quartet
  • CD Russian Disc RDCD 11035: Leningrad Taneyev Quartet
  • CD Olympia OCD 148: Leningrad Taneyev Quartet
  • CD Zyx-Melodiya MEL 46023-2: Leningrad Taneyev Quartet
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