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Opus № 03
Symphony no. 1 in C minor in three movements
Year: 1908
Genre: Symphonies
  1. Lento ma non troppo. Allegro
  2. Larghetto
  3. Allegro assai e molto risoluto

Info: Revised in 1921
  • CD Russian Disc: RDCD 00652-00655 (4 CD) State Academic Symphony Orchestra, E.Svenlanov (cond)
  • CD Revelation RV 10069: G. Rozhdestvensky
  • CD Russian Disc RD CD 11 007: USSR Ministry of Culture SO, G. Rozhdestvensky (cond)
  • CD Olympia OCD (731) : Complete symphonic works, Russian State Academinc SO; E.Svetlanov (cond.)
  • CD YEDANG Classics ; State SO of the Ministry of Culture G. Rozhdestvensky (cond)
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