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Saradzhev (Saradzhyanz) Konstantin Solomonovich was born in 1877 in Derbent (Dagestan) in the doctors family.

In 1898 Konstantin Saradzhev graduated from Moscow Conservatory as a violinist. His professor was I. Grzhimali. Starting from 1900 he worked as a concertmaster in the orchestra of the Private Russian Opera. In 1904-06 he studied conducting in Leipzig with A.Nikish. From 1908 he was involved in musical and educational activities in Moscow, and performed himself as a soloist and in ensembles. In 1908-1911 he was a conductor of the summer symphony concerts in Sokolniki (Moscow); he was always enthusiastic about performing new Russian and Western music. In 1909 Saradzhev together with V.Derzhanovsky organized in Moscow Evenings of modern music. In 1911 he conducted Myaskovskys Silence in Sokolniki which was the first public performance of the composers symphonic work. Myaskovsky got to know Saradzhev through V.Derzhanovsky. Later they became very good friends. Saradzhev contributed a lot to the performance of Myaskovskys music both in Russia and abroad.

In 1914-1917 Saradzhev was drafted as a soldier to the South-Western front, and he returned to Moscow only after the end of the Civil war. In 1922 he became a professor of the Moscow Conservatory where he worked till 1935. Saradzhev directed the students opera productions; he initiated the organizing of the conducting department at the Moscow Conservatory. At the same time he taught in several musical colleges.

In 1922-23 Saradzhev was an active participant of the Lamms and Derzhanovskys circles. He was a member of the Association of Contemporary Music and performed as a conductor at its concerts. In 1922-24 he was a director of the State Institute of Theater Arts; in the 30s conducted at the concerts of the All-Union radio. In 1924-35 he was the head of the amateur symphony orchestra of the teachers of the Technical University. In 1935 Saradzhev moved to Erevan (Armenia). He was honored the Peoples Artist of Armenia in 1945. Saradhev died in Erevan in 1954.

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